Theresa Rieman

tender kiss into the void
Solo project of Teresa Riemann since 2015.
After playing soloacts with electric guitar and developping a genuine way of percussion and vocals (in Naked in the zoo, Inutile Témoin) in the field of free impro / noiserock  / experimental music since 2012, Teresa Riemann came back to play the instrument, that she started to play when she was 6 years old, and started to compose her own pieces, including all the knowledge she gained through her participation in the european improvisers noise scene, at the same time involving influences from classical music. The carefully drawn lyrics, sometimes brutally spit out, at the precise moment a consciousness finds itself on the tip of the tide, might change you.

She presents a mixture of experimental music, chanson, punk, jazz and 70's nowave.
The influences of both Tom Waits and Diamanda Galas can not be denied.
Her music is nothing to just listen to, but to experience by letting all emotions float through your perceptive body and mind.