"Charivari Transitzone : welcome to a real world !“ - 2016

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Vom 25. August bis 11. September >> Circus Charivari presents:


Es muß alles im nichts enden, sonst hat es keinen Sinn!

"we left with a boat, ended up in an unknown island between realities.We made it charivari island.Come and become part of an experiment: In the transit zone you belong to nowhere, no countries, different rules and changing borders. Come and wonder! More curiosities and an experience you will never forget."

>> www.circusbiennale.org





Youthitude Festival #02 - 2016

 ** 26th - 28th february **

- meeting point of people using selfmade designs as medium for zines and forever drawings -

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DIY/Homemade Fair for Zines, Tattooists and short Filmmakers across Europe. Exhibition, Live Performances, Stands, concerts. Handmade art screenprints on t-shirts, paper, skin and other medias... plenty of new books from Berlin underground for the library.



GoodByeEars - 2013

CHARIVARI COLLECTIVE and its southern nodes are proud to present:

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GOODBYE EARS FESTIVAL - a festival of fluid and uncertain graphic forms and sounds

Labels, names, questions and answers are terrible waste of time. What we know is that contexts are broken and mixed, contents are compromised and shared beyond any responsibility, meanings are destroyed in front of our eyes. What we want is wrong, what we suggest is nothing. We invite you to join us at the blissful showcase of graphic, print and comics art coming from so-called 'marginal cultural areas' of here and there, Europe, Balkans, and othed dark Graphistans, showcase of one art scene that exists floating in a cloud above the cultural area of post-humanistic Europeania. Strong expressionism, elyptic and autistic narratives, eye-biting colourful graphism, violence, love, gentleness with long nails, hard party and infinite sympathy is what unites all these styles and artists in what is caled GOODBYE EARS festival.

 >> FOTOS goodbye ears



Kunst & Circus Festival Charivari - 2012

circus*performance*ausstellung*musik*aerial theater*workshops*kuriositäten & more....


circus chariVari ist wieder in der Stadt!
Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome !
To our shows, to our life, to our family!
Wir präsentieren euch Freaks von Nebenan und aller Welt,
Sensationen und Alltägliches!!
Kommt und staunt!!!
Wir machen keine Show, Wir sind die Show!


12_08_04_1509.jpg 12_08_04_1575.jpg 12_08_04_1682.jpg 12_08_04_1744.jpg 12_08_05_2013.jpg 12_08_05_2457.jpg 12_08_05_2467.jpg 12_08_05_2783.jpg 12_08_05_2814.jpg 12_08_07_3293.jpg 12_08_07_3500.jpg 12_08_07_3692.jpg 12_08_07_3840.jpg 12_08_08_4020.jpg 12_08_10_5385.jpg 12_08_13_6591.jpg 12_08_13_6625.jpg 12_08_13_6698.jpg 12_08_13_6778.jpg 12_08_13_7013.jpg 12_08_13_7051.jpg 12_08_19_doll.jpg 12_08_19_feakshow_haase.jpg 12_09_02_8387.jpg 12_09_02_8393.JPG 12_09_02_8486.jpg 12_09_02_9128.jpg 12_09_02_9170.jpg 12_09_02_9192.jpg 223953_3637630379876_564175418_n.jpg 527092_3560854900537_1892558076_n.jpg 531124_471317169558692_1343259927_n.jpg 557464_471316559558753_2083060053_n.jpg its_normal.jpg roc3n.jpg




Mittwochs bis sonntags, ab 16h00 :
shows & k urios itäte n, ch ari var ibar & Vokü,
führung en, fre i e s tr ainin g, mi t m a c hz i rku s,
specials guests & jeden Tag überraschungen


Workshops: Fingerpuppen // Karrussel // Manipulation // Stopmotion // Tuch // Hula-Hoop // Akrobatik // Yoga // Mime // Clown


with guests & stars :
the s iame s e s , Mr. toxo, di e kanone f rau,
the tattoo orakel, the freakomat, the
pudde l s , the al l e rgic monst e r, the s l ave,
the printing rabbit, &: