Busland Summer Festival Poster FINAL

Das Busland Summer Festival beginnt!
Ab dem Wochenende des 5. und 6. August 2023 präsentiert Busland Interactive eine
Reihe von Wochenendaktivitäten für Kinder und Erwachsene, die KOSTENLOS für
die Öffentlichkeit in der Villa Kuriosum, Scheffelstraße 21, Berlin, zugänglich sind!
Das Programm umfasst eine vielfältige Auswahl an Outdoor- und Indoor-Auftritten
lokaler Künstler und läuft bis zum 31. Oktober 2023. Inspiration, Innovation,
Erkundung und Abenteuer erwarten Sie bei Busland Interactive!
Das Eröffnungswochenende trägt den Titel „Oddities and Curiosities“ und findet
zwischen 15:00 und 20:00 Uhr statt. Auf dem Programm stehen Auftritte des
unnachahmlichen Scotty The Blue Bunny (USA/Deutschland), des Comedy-Genies
Peter Mielniczek (Großbritannien), Marie Donath (Deutschland) und ihrer Installation
„Polirama“, der Multiinstrumentalistin Lila Schuda (Chile) und der Puppenspielerin
Eva Hess mit ihrer neuesten Kreation „Alfie“, moderiert von David Cassel als The
Ukulele Bandito, der Comedy-Lieder und Liebessonette singt.
Eine vollständige Übersicht der wöchentlichen Aktivitäten finden Sie unter:


This weekend at Villa Kuriosum, Scheffelstrasse 21, Busland presents:
September 30 17:30 to 19:00
“Born To Be Wild”  with Jeff Hess and special guests Alexey Mironov and Gustav.

Jeff Hess - physical comedy at its finest

Faster than a laughing hyena, Jeff Hess whirls across the stage at hurricane force, tearing the audience off their seats and triggering bursts of laughter with a mere wink. 

Experience magical moments with a master of slapstick! Jeff Hess has "Crazy for the Advanced". The actor and clown from New York City combines his unique form of  slapstick,  his  stirring  action  comedy , with a fascinating body language, leaving no one unmoved and no dry eye. 

The silver medal winner of the 21st  Koblenz Gauklerfest  Kleinkunst  Preis 2012  worked  among others with Til Schweiger and Richard Roundtree in the film  Joe and Max, was a comedy sketch artist on the Late Night with David Letterman Show and was hired as an entertainer for Bob Hope and Bon Jovi's birthday parties. 

Jeff Hess - "Master of all grimaces!" With irresistible charm and a grandiose energy, Jeff creates an unforgettable comedy experience through each of his characters   . 

"Madness has a name: Jeff Hess"

Alexey Mironov     Alexi Mironov

He needs no language and only a few props to portray the bizarre world of his
partly melancholic, partly absurdly clumsy hero on stage

Trained at the famous Moscow State Circus School, where he learned the basics of the classical style of the Russian cloning school, ALEXEY MIRONOV became the predecessor of the type of clowning that combines traditional clowning techniques with modern theater.

Even as a very young clown, Alexey Mironov was able to demonstrate his comedic talent at numerous international festivals: Circus Festival in Tournai 1992, 18th Worldwide Festival of Circus of Tomorrow in Paris 1995, International Clown Festival in Moscow 2001, 3rd International Variety and Circus Festival in Dresden 2004, Slava's Polunin "Congress of Fools" in Moscow

As a talented and promising young clown, he was discovered by the world-famous avant-garde circus Cirque du Soleil and for whose program »Quidam« took part in the North American Tour 1997-1999. Numerous engagements worldwide followed
: in the USA and Europe.

Mironov hardly speaks a word on stage. Although there is also a moment
when he actually speaks almost every language on earth, in one
report. But the language he knows best is that of gestures and
body sculpture.

"Bon voyage!" is the end of a story without the beginning or exactly
the other way around. Once upon a time there was a small man, and another medium man, and another large man, and another super large man, and another tiny bone man... Mironov doesn't play with masks, but with our identification cards.

David Cassel presents Gustav
Winner of numerous international awards including the 1995 Award for European Outoor performer of the Year, David Cassel presents his clown Gustav in his performance of “Brain Surgery”.
Join Gustav as he climbs inside his own head to embark on an adventure of magnificent discovery.  Music, Comedy, Magic, audience participation and more feature in this very unique crowd pleasing show that has been presented in over 25 countries,

“A Master. Nothing but pleasure in this beautifully constructed act!”

de Limburger, Masstricht, Netherlands

“Winner of the Golden Street Cobble”

Rotterdams Dagblad Netherlands

“Full on High Energy Stuff”

IN PRESS, Melbourne Australia

“A Robin Williams of Street theatre”

Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

“An attack on the funny bone.”

Die Aachner, Germany


30.9. 19.30 HOOLABALOO CABARET 374240442 1468887400623300 2801439892140008741 n


Liebe Freunde des Außergewöhnlichen,
Wir laden Sie herzlich zu einer unvergesslichen Nacht unter dem Zirkuszelt im Zirkuszelt der Villa Kuriosum ein! Tauchen Sie ein in eine Welt voller Magie, Glamour und Kuriositäten, wie Sie sie noch nie zuvor gesehen haben.
Unsere talentierten Darsteller werden Sie mit atemberaubender Drag-Magie, verführerischer Burleske und fesselnden Freakshow-Acts fesseln und in ihren Bann ziehen. Bereiten Sie sich auf eine Show vor, die Ihre Sinne verblüffen und Ihr Herz höher schlagen lässt.
Tickets nur an der Abendkasse
Wir sehen uns dort
Komm pünktlich
Dear friends of the extraordinary,
We cordially invite you to an unforgettable night under the Big Top at Villa Kuriosum's Circus Tent! Immerse yourselves in a world brimming with magic, glamour, and curiosities like you've never seen before.
Our talented performers will captivate and mesmerize you with breathtaking drag magic, seductive burlesque, and captivating freak show acts. Prepare for a show that will boggle your senses and set your hearts racing.
Special guest
Tickets at the door only
See you there
Come on time




The Flash Gonzalez Show
Screen Shot 2023 09 25 at 19.06.22

October 1st, 16:00

Before us stands a Tramp,drunken and clumsy, but yet fully aware of his audience. This subtle clown does not bring us magic in form of big illusions and expensive sets, but deals with the far smaller, more modest world of a tramp. His comical magic  is provoked by the problems he has with clothing, wine, pigeons and hunger!
Flash is a charismatic, elegant and spontaneous performer, trained in physical theater, dance and acrobatics. His art is full of detail, movement, precise expression and the ability to seize the moment!
This personality is so likeable you will want to take home with you!





Busland Program 20223




Busland Program 2023

12. April Schattentheater "Die Falle" 20 Uhr

Mittwoch, 12. April   um 20 Uhr

Schattentheater "Die Falle"

von Riadh Ben Ammar
Das Theaterstück ist eine Geschichte über die geschlossene EU-Außengrenze und ihre Missverständnisse.
Man kann nicht an der Küste leben, ohne die andere Seite wenigstens einmal gesehen zu haben. In Tanger, Algier oder Tunis sitzen selbst die Katzen im Hafen und schauen auf die andere Seite. Alle wollen dahin. Die meisten träumen davon…

Die jungen Leute, die es schaffen in Europa zu landen, versuchen alles, um nicht wieder mit leeren Händen zurückzukehren. Illegalität, Kriminalität und die ständige Angst abgeschoben zu werden sind ihr Alltag.
Für das Recht auf Bewegungsfreiheit!
Eintritt 8-15 €

09. April Workshop David Cassel

Clown Edge Villa Kuriosum Postcard




David Cassel will present an intensive weekend course that will introduce students to his Complete Clown Process Tool Kit. This is a 2 hour class of instruction that will focus on 4 units, 30 minutes each:

Physicality, Mental Acuity, Creative Process and The Birth of A Clown.


Dates of Workshop: April 9, 2023

Location: Villa Kuriosum

Cost: €10


This is the 2 hour class for those interested in my 16 hour Intensive introduction taking place at QSPace April 14 to 16. An extended eight week master class: “The Birth of Clowns on the Edge” is scheduled for fall 2023.


Course Overview: warm up, flexibility, balance, endurance, breath, random access memory, plastique, isolations, direction, level, tumbling, control, impulse, grace, offers, listening, advancing, team work, musicality, rhythm, story, improvisation, status, juxtaposition, joey, august, ringmaster and shamanism


Registration: http://www.davidcassel.ca/clown-on-the-edge-villa-kuriosum


People can make payment through my PayPal.me/theukulelebandito link or bring cash on the day.


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